Welcome to Shadowpaw Press

Shaping words…shaping worlds

Shadowpaw Press is a small publishing company located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, with three different imprints.

Shadowpaw Press Premiere will publish an eclectic selection of books by both new and established authors, including adult fiction, young adult fiction, non-fiction, and anthologies. Click here to see what’s in the works!

Shadowpaw Press Reprise publishes new editions of previously published novels.

Shadowpaw Press Attic will feature . . . well, the sorts of things you might find in attics: old things, odd things, things that just don’t fit anywhere else.

Shadowpaw Press is named after Shadowpaw, our lovely Siberian cat, because why not? (Besides, he’s already had a book dedicated to him—Shadows, Book 2 in E.C. Blake‘s Masks of Aygrima trilogy from DAW Books.)

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Shadowpaw Press Premiere

Shadowpaw Press Reprise

Shadowpaw Press Attic