Author Testimonials

“I’ve been published by four of the big-five US publishing houses and by Penguin Random House Canada, but I went with Shadowpaw Press for my twenty-fifth novel because publisher Edward Willett is nimble and able to adapt to changing publishing realities, whereas the bigger houses are stuck with models that are now outdated. Shadowpaw has been a supportive, creative, and innovative partner, and I’m proud to be part of their list.”Robert J. Sawyer, Member, Order of Canada, and Hugo-Award-winning author of The Downloaded

“I’d like to offer a very enthusiastic testimonial in support of Shadowpaw Press. I’m offering this testimonial from several perspectives: as an author published by Shadowpaw Press; as a former Literary Consultant for the Manitoba Arts Council (where a large part of my role was the assessment of book and magazine publishers); as a co-founder with Andris Taskans and Robyn Maharaj of the Winnipeg International Writers Festival; and as a former kid who grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and who—against all odds—eschewed hockey and came to love the arts and understand their value in fostering and defining Saskatchewan’s unique culture. (I’ve lived in Ontario for the past twenty years but have never stopped missing the prairies). My experience as an author published by Shadowpaw Press has been excellent (and I say that having previously published four other books with other publishers). The process of accepting and contracting my book was unambiguous and efficient; the publisher’s editing of my manuscript was meticulous, insightful, and timely; the beautiful book design exactly captured the tone of the book; and the marketing leading up to the launch of my book has been vigorous and encouraging. Overall, I think that Shadowpaw Press is operated by a publisher who is savvy about the business of book publishing and passionate about fostering new authors while at the same time leveraging well-known authors (such as Robert J. Sawyer) in support of the continued growth of the press. Saskatchewan is very fortunate to have a publisher such as Shadowpaw Press.” — Mark Morton, author of The Headmasters and Cupboard Love: A Dictionary of Culinary Curiosities

“As someone who has had over thirty books published by publishers across the globe, I’m really pleased to be working with Shadowpaw Press. They are a smaller, professional company with a big heart (so to speak) and very responsive to an artists’ contract needs and to creating the best book possible.” Arthur Slade, Governor General’s Award-winning author of Canadian Chills (Return of the Grudstone Ghosts, Ghost Hotel, and Invasion of the IQ Snatchers)

“Shadowpaw Press produces fine editions of worthwhile books.  My latest from Shadowpaw, a YA novella, was shortlisted for the cross-border High Plains Book Awards, a sure sign of quality. Edward Willett is a pleasure to work with and produces as professional a product as any of the major houses I have been published by.” — Matt Hughes, author of The Emir’s Falcon

“I love working with Edward and Shadowpaw Press. He has shown me a tremendous amount of support in publishing and promoting my work. He loves sci-fi and has a good understanding of the publishing world. It’s been a joy to watch his business grow, and I’m happy to be a part of it.” — Brad C. Anderson, author of Duatero and Ashme’s Song

“I am very pleased to offer my endorsement of Edward Willett and Shadowpaw Press. In 2022, Shadowpaw Press published my first novel, Thickwood. Ed provides positive support to authors in promotions, and Shadowpaw Press is active on social media and public events. Ed has excellent editorial and publishing skills. Ed and Shadowpaw Press are professional and responsive to any requests I have made.” — Gayle M. Smith, author of Thickwood

“After three printings of my debut novel, I thought it had finally run its course. Enter Shadowpaw and a new release through the Reprise imprint. Voila, a refreshed layout with new marketing opportunities, and Small Reckonings is enjoying a new vibrant life and great reviews. Had it not been for Shadowpaw, my novel probably would have disappeared and a whole new readership would have missed it.” — Karin Melberg Schwier, author of Small Reckonings

“Through its Reprise imprint, Shadowpaw Press gave my award-winning first novel Dollybird a second lease on life and provided excellent marketing and exposure for all my work, new and old. All credit to Ed Willett and his team for their great work in publishing and showcasing Saskatchewan writers and their books.” — Anne Lazurko, author of Dollybird

“In all respects, I have been treated to the utmost courtesy and professional integrity throughout the production and marketing of new editions of my first two books. I could not be more pleased with the outcomes. I believe Ed Willett, founder and owner of the press, has added a remarkable new presence to Saskatchewan’s publishing scene.”Lloyd Ratzlaff, author of The Crow Who Tampered With Time and Backwater Mystic Blues

“Canadian authors have a hard time being heard over the blare from the south. But we do have an unique voice and it needs support. Small publishers like Shadowpaw Press do yeoman’s service in this regard, providing an outlet for writers and access for readers. I don’t think many people work harder at this task than Ed Willett. I am delighted to have worked with him on the re-release of my novels under the Shadowpaw Reprise imprint.”Leslie Gadallah, author of The Legend of Sarah and the Empire of Kaz trilogy (Cat’s Pawn, Cat’s Gambit, Cat’s Game)