Cat’s Pawn

Empire of Kaz Book 1

By Leslie Gadallah

The Kazi Empire is slowly, inexorably, expanding up the arm of the Galaxy. Only the Oriani see the danger, and only Ambassador Talan recognizes the need to include humans in the alliance to oppose the Kaz.

Unfortunately, in the chess of interstellar diplomacy, humans make terrible pawns . . .

Cover art by James F. Beveridge

“Blaster and laser battles and spaceship rides into hyperspace set a fast pace for adventure.” – School Library Journal

“Excellent examples of space opera in the Star Wars tradition. They seldom have a dull moment, with characters scheming against and trying to kill each other . . .”Fred Patten, Dogpatch Press

“The plotting is masterful . . . always exciting . . . smoothly written . . . ” – Delia Sherman, Fantasy Review Magazine


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Trade Paperback, EPUB


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