Other Publishing Services

Shadowpaw Press is, and always will be, a traditional publisher: authors do not pay anything upfront to be published by Shadowpaw Press, which makes money entirely from the sale of the books it publishes, and pays a royalty to its authors.

However, some authors are interested in a hybrid model, in which authors invest in the book up front, drawing on the publishing company’s experience in editing, designing, publishing, and distributing books in exchange for a much higher share of proceeds from sales.

As well, some authors are interested in self-publishing but are looking for assistance with some or all of the steps required.

While Shadowpaw Press does not offer hybrid publishing or self-publishing assistance, our sister company, Endless Sky Books, also founded by award-winning author Edward Willett, does use that model.

If hybrid publishing or assistance with self publishing is something you’re seeking, check out Endless Sky Books at its website, endless-sky-books.com, or email Edward Willett at publisher@endless-sky-books.com.