The Shards of Excalibur: The Complete Series

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Ariane Forsythe and Wally Knight are just two ordinary Canadian teenagers until the morning they encounter the Lady of the Lake in the unlikely waters of Wascana Lake in Regina, Saskatchewan. Ariane learns she’s heir to the power of the Lady, and she and Wally, who turns out to have his own unsuspected connection to the legends of King Arthur, are given the difficult task of finding the five scattered shards of Arthur’s sword Excalibur before Merlin can, in his modern-day guise as wealthy and powerful computer magnate Rex Major. If Merlin gets the sword, he will use its power to take over the world and then launch an attack into his homeland of Faerie, no matter what the cost.

Ariane’s and Wally’s quest takes them all over the world (courtesy of the power Ariane has inherited that allows them to travel through water and the clouds), from Saskatchewan to the Northwest Territories to southern France; to New Zealand and the Caribbean; to British Columbia and Scotland, always struggling–and sometimes failing–to stay one step ahead of Rex Major. Along the way, they face betrayal and treachery, difficult choices, and unexpected discoveries. And when the quest is finally achieved and the sword reforged, what happens next is nothing at all like either Wally or Ariane imagined, and threatens everything they’ve sought to achieve–and everyone they love.

Three of the books were finalists for major Canadian science fiction and fantasy awards.

Song of the Sword
Long-listed for the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic for Best Young Adult Novel
The power of the Lady of the Lake. A magical quest. A nerdy sidekick. Ariane’s life just got a lot more interesting.

Twist of the Blade
Finalist for Canada’s Prix Aurora Award for Best Young Adult Novel of science fiction or fantasy
The power of Excalibur is changing Ariane in scary ways. As she and Rex Major race for the second shard, Wally’s no longer sure whose side he should be on . . .

Lake in the Clouds
Ariane is on her own and on the run. Wally has taken up with Rex Major. And the third shard of Excalibur is literally on the other side of the world, in New Zealand!

Cave Beneath the Sea
Ariane’s mother is still alive. She knows it, but so does Rex Major. And if he finds her first, Ariane will give up all the shards of Excalibur to save her . . .

Door into Faerie
Finalist for Canada’s Prix Aurora Award for Best Young Adult Novel of science fiction or fantasy
Ariane, Wally, Flish, and Rex Major are on a collision course. Excalibur is about to be reforged. But who’ll get to the final piece first—and what will happen then?


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