Shapers of Worlds Volume III

Edited by Edward Willett

The third anthology featuring science fiction and fantasy by authors who were guests of The Worldshapers podcast, this outstanding collection features:

“The Key” by Griffin Barber
“The Metamorphosis of Thomas Darrow” by Gerald Brandt
“Choices” by Miles Cameron
“Mister Farnsworth Versus the Alien Demons of Ancient Egypt” by Sebastien de Castell
“Thresholds” by Kristi Charish
“Car Wars” by Cory Doctorow
“Hostile Universe” by K. Eason
“Limbo” by David Ebenbach
“The Desert of the Real” by Mark Everglade and Joseph Hurtgen
“’It’s Coming’” by Frank J. Fleming
“Ghostwind” by Violette Malan
“We Love You” by Anna Mocikat
“And the Walls Came Tumbling Down” by James Morrow
“Together As One” by Jess E. Owen
‘Court Day in Shelocta County” by Robert Penner
“A Single Breath, Heard Only in My Dreams” by Cat Rambo
“Tribes of the Sun” by K.M. Rice
Six poems by Jane Yolen: “The Writer Speaks to the New World,” “How to Create Language for a New-Made World,” “How A World Dies,” “FAIRY Invention,” “Joseph Campbell Misses the Mark,” and “The New Planet”
“Send Them Flowers” by Walter Jon Williams
“Offshore” by F. Paul Wilson

Plus a story by Edward Willett to be named later.


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