I, Brax: A Battle Divine

By Arthur Slade

Coming October 2024 . . .

Brax, hero of several Dragon Assassin tales, finally gets to tell his own story . . .

On a diplomatic mission from Drachia, the country of dragons, Brax and his rider, Carmen, encounter a ghostly vision of the Nameless Goddess, who warns them she is coming to conquer their world.

When the duo arrives at the Akkad empire, they discover that the emperor has been killed by what looks to be a servant of that goddess, and his young nephew ascends to become the emperor. Both Brax and Carmen swear to protect the young man from the Nameless Goddess, which involves fighting creatures in the real and netherworld.

But once they discover the true name of the Nameless Goddess, the hunt is on. Will they be able to destroy her name before she rises to take over their world?

Praise for Dragon Assassin

“Although there is a lot of action in Dragon Assassin, there is also surprising dimensionality to the characters of Carmen and Braxos. Braxos’ dry wit adds a touch of humour to this action-heavy tale.”  —  CM: Canadian Review of Materials


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