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In the beginning…

…was an idea: to publish books that need publishing even when no publisher for them has been found.

Quite a lot of books, actually. Novels, and even some other things.

In the grand tradition of doing it oneself, I decided to start my own publishing house. (Literally: it’s my house, and I’ll be publishing stuff from it.)

I’m calling it Shadowpaw Press after our lovely black Siberian cat, because why not? (Besides, he’s already had a book dedicated to him–Shadows, Book 2 in the Masks of Aygrima trilogy from DAW Books.)

First up will be a collection of my short fiction, Paths to the Stars, to be followed soon by a YA novel, Blue Fire…and other stuff soon after that, although it won’t all be by me–one thing I hope to bring out is the First World War memoirs of my grandfather-in-law, Sampson J. Goodfellow. And after that..who knows?

We’ll see how it goes. But here it is!

Let’s get the ball rolling…

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